Audio / Video

Konsenseverschiebungen for overtone singer and electronic

Here is the film of my composition "Konsensverschiebungen" for overtone singer and electronic. The film has been directed by Hans-Erich Viet and produced by Institut für Demokratiepädagogik (Eupen, Belgium) for democratic education goals.
Wolfgang Saus, voice
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronic

Von der Zeit, for piano trio

Wonderful interpretation by Trio Khnopff

Recorded at OstbelgienFestival, 2022

Remembering Islands, for reader, woodwind quintet, writing and drawing sounds and outer and inner voices.

Ensemble STYX
Sabine Rixen, handwriting and drawing sounds
Dieter Comos and Wolfgang Delnui, voice


Please use headphones for better experience.

Inslicht, for accordion

'Inslicht' for accordion (2015/2018-2019) by Wolfgang Delnui.

In this video you can listen to the fabulous interpretation by Peter Katina at ViolaPresov, Presov (SK)on October 29th 2019.

Tanz der Entschlossenen, for ensemble

Ensemble88 plays "Tanz der Entschlossenen" in Maastricht

Momente, für Ensemble (Version St. Petersburg, 2013)

Video der Uraufführung.


St. Petersburg International New Music Festival "REMUSIK", 2013

Schatten, gestalten, for violoncello

'Schatten, gestalten' for violoncello (2008)

Listen to the great interpretation by Axel de Jenlis. Recorded at reMUSIK Festival 'FIN DE SIECLE' in Saint Petersburg, May 2012.

Juhu, for 2 flutes

Carmen Heuschen, flute

Anne Davids, flute

Video of the first performance (2011)

Momente. Klang, Stille., for flute and electronic

Anne Davids, flute

Video of the first performance (2011)

Glaubts, for voice and electronic

Tina Fischer, Stimme

Zeithände, für Sopran und Elektronik

Tina Fischer, Sopran

Cinq séquences pour piano seul (2005) in der Interpretation von Chantal Bohets